Scotland, the Union and Brexit: What now for Scotland?


The Scottish Fabian Society hosted a thought provoking event in Edinburgh on the challenges facing Scotland.

The conference considered a number of questions related to this theme. For example:

  • What does Brexit mean for the future of the United Kingdom and how can Scottish Labour position itself in a new round of constitutional debates brought up by this issue?
  • How might the ongoing debates around Scotland’s position in the UK fit into a broader Labour vision of devolved power or federalism?
  • How might such a vision account for resurgent notions of English, Welsh or regional identities?
  • What should Scotland be looking for in any deal for a future outside the EU?
  • What does the referendum voting pattern say about voters’ concerns beyond the EU?
  • What lessons must Labour learn in order to address these concerns and stem the rise of nationalism and right-wing politics?

I was pleased to give some closing remarks which you can listen to here:

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