Liberton High Visit


Our new Edinburgh Southern MSP, Daniel Johnson, local Cllr Bill Cook and I joined with senior Council officials to discuss road safety issues with S1 pupils at Liberton High School. 

S1 pupils (new S2) have been working on a manifesto for change. The manifesto focused on the changes within the local community and look specifically at a campaign around road safety at the Mount Vernon entrance to the school.

It was agreed at the meeting that Council officials would:

– Investigate ownership of the pavement and verge with a view to widening access near the Mount Vernon gate.

– Examine trees that are blocking drivers’ views of the entrance with a view to having them cut back.

– Look at removing part of the wall to improve ‘sightlines’.

– Review road markings – double yellow lines to prevent parking near the entrance and 20 MPH painted on road to slow down drivers.

A big thanks to everyone who turned up. I will be keeping a close eye on this one as road safety at our schools is of huge importance. 

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