Cassie Mansfield


My constituent Cassie Mansfield has been making local headlines in recent weeks, alongside her friend Benji Leech!

Cassie is a four-year old girl living with CHARGE Syndrome, Hypotonic Celebral Palsy, Respiratory and ENT Issues, Global Developmental Delay, Severe Mobility and Communication Issues as well as significant problems with her eyesight. Despite all of these challenges, Cassie’s mum describes her as “the happiest little person I know.”

In order to keep her safe, happy and well-cared for, Cassie needs significant adaptations to her home, including a lift, ramps, more suitable doors and ceiling hoist track systems. Whilst the Council is contributing to some of the costs of this, mum and dad are having to fund some of it themselves, to great cost.

Five-year-old Benji did a sponsored walk across the Forth Road Bridge and back to raise money for Cassie; all you have to do to contribute is click on this link and give what you can  I know that her family deeply appreciate every donation.

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