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Parliament will “dissolve” on the 3rd May and at this point there will be no Members of Parliament.  This means there will be some changes to how my office operates and what help my staff and I can offer to you.  This is strictly controlled by electoral law and parliamentary rules. 

The biggest change is that I will no longer be permitted to hold my regular advice sessions.  However, as the former Member of Parliament after dissolution, and Labour Candidate for this election, I will be able to deal with urgent casework enquiries.  In such instances, my team will still be available on the usual contact details.  

While I may be unable to assist with more general enquiries, I will be more than happy to pass your details and concerns to the relevant agency for action. Additionally, where matters are devolved to the Scottish Parliament, I can refer you to your MSP for assistance.

I want to reassure you that, although these changes are in place, my office is still open to those who feel they need my help and I can still answer queries and questions as a candidate for the election.


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